What an incredible way to Launch the new era of Vengeance University!  Thank you to everyone who came and waited to be a part of this memorable launch.  Thank you to BlackCraft Cult for hosting the event and being a huge part of this. The collaboration shirt we did together earlier this year forged a genuine friendship and the rest is history.  Their story has inspired VU immensely because they also started with nothing but a dream and now have a huge family across the planet.  A family that celebrates what makes them unique and doesn’t judge.   We look forward to what the future has in store. 

Every time you represent Vengeance University I want you to know the same feeling that I’ve held onto since I was a punk kid slapping stickers onto signs and scribbling logos on my notebooks.  Somethings will stay with you a lifetime if you hold them close to your heart.  Hearing stories from new and familiar faces this weekend was something I will hold onto forever.  I truly believe we are an army and share something special.  Stay fucking awesome and thanks again!

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