Fall Favorites #8

Fall Favorites #8
American Horror Story -  AHS is an unlikely FX original hit series.  Every season is a completely different tell of lurking evils past present and future.  It features an all star cast and has included cameos such as Lady Gaga.  It is pretty fucked up and never shies away from taking things a little too far.  I gotta be honest that after the first season I didn't think they were gonna be able to carry weight for too long but they prove me wrong season after season.  Oh and every time a new season starts it's a tell tale sign that Halloween is right around the corner.  So sit back, stay up late and watch this by the fireplace.

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  • Crystal I: October 26, 2018

    I love AHS!! I’m loving this new season mixing with the Murder House season & Coven season!!

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