Fall Favorites #4

Fall Favorites #4
Ginger Snaps
This is the BEST Werewolf Horror film out there - according to my wife. This movie is about the horrors of growing up in a suburban society as a teenage girl who is dying to be different from everyone else. Basically the plot of the film is paralleling the transition from adolescence and the transformation of becoming a werewolf - which is weirdly similar. Check it out, and if you love it theres a sequel and a prequel. 

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  • Hazzie: April 11, 2019

    I remember watching the Sequel as a child … Nearly shit my pants! But I agree with your wife; amazing movie !

  • Heather: November 05, 2018

    Gotta watch those Gingers…just like you do The Heathers. Lmao. ;)

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