Fall Favorites - #28

#28 Knotts Scary Farm / Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - If you are unlucky enough to be near these theme parks turned horror havens then you are definately in for a scare. For us it is a toss up so we chose to put both because they both rule and are both terrifying. There are lots of haunted houses and haunted hayrides around the world but these two are next level. If you ever find yourself close enough to visit then do yourself a favor and put yourself in a real life horror movie setting. Not recommended for small children, expecting mothers or guys named Bobby S.

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  • Aightball: October 04, 2018

    Oy…not into the horror/haunted house thing. Happy to direct our haunted house people to our ‘chop shop’ and explain the different bloods we sell at work, the makeup, etc., but will not be visiting, haha. LOVE Halloween but am not into horror =)

  • Rachel : October 04, 2018

    The Queen Mary 🚢☠️👻

  • Genevieve : October 04, 2018

    Freakling bros. have a cool haunted house here in Vegas. I believe you have to sign a waiver before entering 😂

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