Fall Favorites - #31

Greetings foolish mortals…We have compiled our 31 fall favorites to get us in the Halloween Spirit…Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well in the comment section!! We will be adding a new one each day as we countdown to Halloween!
#31 - The Lost Boys - This 1987 Cult Classic scared the majority of us 30 somethings as kids. With an all star 80’s cast and stand out scenes like fried rice turning into maggots, this film will definitely get you ready for All Hallows. Oh yeah and did we mention super 80s metal vampires? The band “Death by Stereo” started their debut album “If looks could kill I’d watch you die” with a soundbyte from the movie in which they are named. That album also rules. Until tomorrow….

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  • karlie r. vengeance: October 06, 2018

    “cryyyyyyyy little sister”

  • Kate : October 03, 2018

    Ahh one of my all time favorites! Although it’s almost funny to be since I’m older. But still to this day when I walk out to an empty parking lot at night. . or basically when I work at night I guess. .and I’m alone, I totally feel like I’m about to be in the parking lot scene and they’re just going to swoop down. My boyfriend tells me to park close because he’s scared of creepy dudes, and I tell him I’m more worried about the vampires 😂

  • Ash: October 02, 2018

    Lost boys is one of the greatest vampire movies to exist and a favourite of mine.

  • Lisa Marie Lord: October 01, 2018

    Omg I adore The Lost Boys! Everything about it is awesome. For many years I was in love with Michael 😂 But it definitely scared the shit out of me when I was really young 😱

  • Rachel: October 01, 2018

    Yessss! Favorite scenes from the movie..1) The guy playing the saxophone 2) bathtub scene and 3) when grandpa gets home and complains about all the damn vampires.

  • Sonia: October 01, 2018

    I’m elated to see that the only vampire movie that matters is among the favorites of someone I admire. Vampirism should be synonymous with metal > sparkles \m/

  • Demon6661: October 01, 2018

    being honest I love reading stories and everything and I would like them to continue doing the same

    I’m sorry my English y so bad :c

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