Fall Favorites - #30

#30 - Nick Cave and the Bad seeds - Murder Ballads - This album is one of the darkest most creative/fucked up albums of all times. It sets the tone for the season in a way that will make you uncomfortable on first listen and by listen 100 will have you screaming masterpiece. Not sure what was going on inside the mind of Nick Cave when he wrote this album but it certainly intrigued us enough to make this list. Song of Joy and The curse of Millhaven are some of our personal favs. Kylie Minogue even makes a guest appearance on “Where the Wild Roses Grow’. Give it a listen from start to finish, preferably in a dark candle lit room and make sure to lock your doors….

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  • Demon6661: October 04, 2018

    I want to listen to the album not to do a satanic ritual but I’ll do it sometime xD

  • Rachel: October 02, 2018

    So naturally I had to download the album. The Song of Joy reminds me of something Poe would have written. Quite fascinating and very disturbing. Haven’t made it through the whole album yet but should make for an interesting night.

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