Fall Favorites - #29

#29 - KIller Klowns from Outerspace - The title might be a little misleading but the movie is actually about Killer Klowns from Outerspace. Sorry that was a bad joke. This movie is almost a comedy yet oddly terrifying at the same time. It has certainly caused its fair share of nightmares and sleepless nights. If you are scared of clowns then this movie is definitely not for you. If you love clowns then you won’t after watching this. The theme song is an 80’s punk banger by the OC punk band “The Dickies” and should definitely find its way onto your halloween party playlist… The shadow puppet scene alone makes this a must and oh ya… don’t forget your cotton candy!

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  • Tanya: October 09, 2018

    I’m always telling people about this movie and most of the time they don’t believe it actually exists or they just look at me like I’m nuts. Thank you for understanding it’s greatness.

  • Amber: October 04, 2018

    Honestly clowns are not my fave but I absolutely love Killer Klowns! Hollywood Horror Nights has a Killer Klowns scare zone!!

  • Demon6661: October 04, 2018

    I remember that I had a pink clown nose and I was looking for it and when I find it I see that my dad and my brother was fine but the old one and never touch my clown nose again. That if years later as at 13 I participated in a circus workshop so I already rehabilitated xD

  • Aightball: October 03, 2018

    I work in a costume shop…it’s evil clown season again. Just got in a new shipment of brand new evil clown masks. They won’t last long once we really get rolling for Halloween! Clowns don’t bother me but I am certainly over the evil clown trend.

  • Rachel: October 03, 2018

    Nope!!! Cant do Clowns 😖 I blame it on “IT” 🤡

  • Genevieve: October 03, 2018

    I remember watching this movie in like 92’ haha I hate clowns btw

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