Fall Favorites #21

Fall Favorites #21

The Misfits -  Arguably the greatest Halloween time band of all time.  Certainly one of the greatest punk bands of all time and a true pioneer of the genre.  Named after a Marilyn Monroe movie of the same name the band combined old school hollywood glitz and glamour smeared in blood soaked horror.  Glenn Danzig never shied away from some truly fucked up lyrics. Did I mention they boasted some of the coolest iconic punk rock artwork ever?  The song Halloween is a natural choice for any playlist as well as London Dungeon and Horror Business.  My personal favorites (besides the entire catalogue) are Hybrid Moments and Die Die my Darling (Which I was lucky enough to sing onstage with Metallica in 06).  After the bands short lived career and throughout several line up changes the band carried on courtesy of founding member Jerry Only.  When Michael Graves fronted the Misfits the albums lost a bit of their dark edge but maintained the Horror vibe and are still killer (no pun intended).  Obviously we all love the Misfits, I could talk all day about them but instead I implore you to listen to them this time of year loud, louder and loudest.  Get dark, stay spooky and keep it evil.  Fiend Club for Life (or death?)

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  • Lelouch vi Britannia: October 13, 2018

    We are 138!

  • Demon6661: October 11, 2018

    I have very few songs of them because it is what my SD memory of my cellphone allows me, but as you already say the best ones are Hybrid moments Halloween and for my taste Saturday night I have more but it gives me a lot of laziness xD

    My English so bad 👎 sorry 😫

  • Rachel: October 11, 2018

    Legacy of Brutality is one the favorites. 🎶 American Nightmare & Hubrid moments for sure.

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