Fall Favorites #15

Fall Favorites #15

Michael Jacksons Thriller


Do you remember when MTV played music videos all day long? We sure do! We remember the days when nothing else was on tv and you couldn't just on demand whatever you wanted - so when nothing was on you always ended up on MTV. Music videos were so fun to watch, like mini movies. This was of course all thanks to Michael Jacksons Thriller. We all wished this 14 minute music video was a full length movie. It's absolutely perfect from start to finish. It has everything a horror movie should have. If anyone can shout out a recommendation of a movie that even comes close to the perfection of this masterpiece please do! Werewolves, zombies, graveyards, the woods, 50s fashion, a movie theatre, an abandoned house!!! What didn't this video have?! Did we mention the soundtrack, it even has a spoken dialogue from Vincent Price. RIP to the King of Pop.

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  • Laura: October 18, 2018

    I remember how scared my friends were when this was released…I wanted more!!! I agree….this was perfection. RIP Michael and Vincent.

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