Fall Favorites #14

Fall Favorites #14
Baseball -  Now that there is a chill back in the air it means it's time for The Fall Classic, aka The World Series.. After a 162 grueling game season the best of the best go head to head and make October Magic.  The playoffs and World Series are responsible for some of the greatest sporting History in America.  If I had to guess what makes it Americas pastime, it would be the fact it transforms us all back into kids.  Players included.  It does't matter who wins or loses because if you eat hot dogs, popcorn, nachos and beer then we are all winners.  Even though 162 games can be known as boring or even painful to watch, when it gets into October the players show their true spirit.  No more dull moments just shitty fans, blind umpires and the greatest kid game for grown ups ever!

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  • Rachel: October 19, 2018

    Dodgers always remind me of my grandpa. He was a fan of both Dodgers and Angels. He always had two TVs and a radio on watching the games. An October favorite for sure.

  • Enid: October 18, 2018

    Definitely my favorite thing about October! Yeah, not sure what it is about baseball that transports one back to the freedom of being a kid, but it sure is incredible. I could do without the staying up until 1:30 and getting up for work at 6:45 though!

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