Fall Favorites #10

Fall Favorites #10



Now we reach our final 10 in no particular order....The Scream movies are one of our favorite horror series for several reasons. First of all, the movies have a major key ingredient not found in other horror series. *Spoiler alert* The killer "Ghostface" is not immortal. Which adds to the fun of the films because you find yourself trying to guess the entire film who the killer is. Instead of watching and wondering how they are going to temporarily put the killer to rest, theres the thrill of knowing that they will put the killer to rest, only for a new killer to take over later. This makes the movie all the more scarier, because it makes the story more believable. If you're not familiar with the films you should definitely check them out, we recommend watching them in order. Scream 1 is undoubtedly the best of the films, and surprisingly we think Scream 4 is a close second. It's definitely a trip to watch the first one. Where they were living in the world of dial up Internet, pagers, and land lines (seriously nobody had cell phones when this movie was made, unless you were a successful business person). Furthermore instant messaging and texting was not a thing. If you're a super fan of the flick and live in Northern California you should check out the event Scream Comes Home, Oct. 27th 2018 - seems like a must for the die hard fan!

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