Dog Tags

Believe it or not, a lot of VU items are always inspired and serve a purpose.  Kind of like a scrap book of stories, phases, inspirations or the creature comforts I love.  For the next couple days we are offering a free VU dog tag set to anyone who orders.

About 13 years ago I was given a set of military dog tags from a kind young lady in the first Infantry Division of the US Army.  They meant alot to me and still to this day I wear them proudly.  One drunken night I asked the Rev to bite them so I could have his teeth marks in them for good luck haha.  To this day I wear these whenever I travel, play a show or need a little extra piece of mind or luck.  Hopefully the VU tags will carry fond memories or bring a little good fortune to you when you need them…(I don’t recommend biting them though). Hopefully you will keep them close to your heart as well and that the story they tell will  be fucking epic!  Til next time….ZV

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  • Cristian: September 20, 2018

    Best story i heard in a long time🤘🏼 can’t wait to get mine

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