Fall Favorites - #26

Fall Favorites - #26
#26 - Rosemarys Baby -  This all time classic horror movie was written and directed by Roman Polanski.  It features a beautiful young Mia Farrow as an eager expecting young mother who finds herself in the company of some seriously Satanic awesome looking old neighbors.  This stylized 70’s horror flick was groundbreaking for being both sinister as well as super chic. Oh an did we mention Roman and Minnie Castavet are two of the coolest characters ever!  The filming occurs at the famed Dakota building in Central Park Manhattan famous for tenants like Judy Garland and Boris Karloff.  Most famously it was known as the residence of John Lennon where he was sadly murdered right outside of the building.  Definitely dark forces at play surrounding the movie and location.  So if you are feeling evil as fuck and want to get into the Halloween Spirit, crack open a bottle of wine, light some candles and worship this cult classic

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  • Romina: October 08, 2018

    This is absolutely the best movie by Roman Polanski. I saw it when I was a child and I fell in love with the Devil… R.

  • Rachel: October 08, 2018

    Ugh, this movie scares me 🙈

  • Monique : October 06, 2018

    Definitely a good choice! Another good drink pairing could be Two Roads’ Roadmary’s Baby Pumpkin Ale ;)

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