#24 Ghost - Opus Eponymous  -  This album might be one of the greatest modern doom metal albums period.  It is ghoulishly haunted with over the top lyrics and imagery. This album is so good it could put hair on Anton Laveys head.  It sounds like what we would imagine being locked in a crypt during a thunderstorm would be like.  Put it on your playlist.  Perform some sort of demonic ritual and enjoy it.  There are lots of great albums but very few modern acts have been able to capture such production and atmosphere as this album has.  If you are easily offended then don’t be…Or  you can always try to perform an exorcism on it…If you dare?

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  • Staci: October 09, 2018

    Preform some kind of demonic ritual 😂😂😂😂

  • Enid: October 08, 2018

    I fucking looove Ghost. So far I only have Meliora and Prequelle and both are fabulous, play front to back albums. I’ll have to get this one apparently and figure out what demonic ritual should go with it….

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